Discover the Advantages of Our Patented Eyewear Technology

Shadowclip's patented keyhole design facilitates ease of production for optical labs everywhere. Simplicity and flexibility are the hallmarks of the Shadowclip brand. Our flexible lens material alleviates stress for a resistant product that will stand up to the rigors of daily wear. The parts can be reused without fear of breakage, and the lens easily snaps back into place should it ever pop out.

The Beauty of Shadowclip

The are several reasons for Shadowclip's steady growth in the North American market.
The finished product is a good alternative for someone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money on prescription sunglasses.
Shadowclip lenses are intuitive and durable for reduced customer returns
The equipment required to produce Shadowclip clip-on lenses fits neatly in a drawer
The product is quickly manufactured, dispensed or shipped

What Shadowclip Offers

Shadowclip is an attractive option for retailers and consumers alike. Read the following and give us a call to find out more. You can also send along any inquiries by using our provided e-form. We strive for customer satisfaction in everything we do.

In-House Fabrication

• Compact Kit

• Only an edger is required

• 15 minutes for a basic clip

• Parts are easily refilled

• Heat adjustable

Opportunities for Increased Revenue

• Reasonable clip cost

• Great markup

Environmentally Responsible

• Recyclable materials

• Reusable and interchangeable parts

Durable Results

• Lightweight

• Flexible

• Secure

View our showcase of product images, and don't hesitate to give us a call.

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