Shadowclip allows you to offer your clients affordable prescription sunglasses that are easy to customize.

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Your Source for Custom Clip-on Eyeglasses in North America

Enhance your business by providing additional value for your clients and patients with our patented Shadowclip eyewear technology. Imagine having the ability to offer your patients a quick, cost-effective alternative to prescription eyeglasses. Shadowclip allows you to create custom tinted lenses that fit on all shapes and sizes of existing frame, converting any prescription glasses into a protective pair of sunglasses with a quick clip.

This unique product and service offering is currently available in North America. For custom clip-on eyeglasses, we're the team to call.

There are thousands of eyeglass designs in the world: Shadowclip can adapt to every one of them.

If you are interested in acquiring a pair of Shadowclip lenses, please get in touch with our team; we'll let you know where you can get them in North America. Send us a message using our e-form with any questions you may have.


Our Philosophy

We make a conscious effort to respect the environment and pay it forward. We believe in building lasting client relationships by engaging in good business ethics. We stand behind our product and want our clients to benefit from the success of Shadowclip.

Discover the Advantages


Customer Satisfaction

Enhance your customer's view of the world in 15 minutes (for a basic clip).


Boost Your Bottom Line

Shadowclip is an easy way to add more revenue to your business.


Get Support

Our team is available for demonstrations, one-on-one instructionals, and more.

In-House Fabrication

• Compact Kit

• Only an edger is required

• 15 minutes for a basic clip

• Parts are easily refilled

• Heat adjustable

Opportunities for Increased Revenue

• Reasonable clip cost

• Great markup

Environmentally Responsible

• Recyclable materials

• Reusable and interchangeable parts

Durable Results

• Lightweight

• Flexible

• Secure

Special Offers

We provide personalized workshops (typically half a day) for new users. We'll ensure your team understands how the Shadowclip kit works, the resulting products' unique attributes, and so on. As our product line continues to expand, we'll continue to update your training to keep you informed of all the latest advancements.

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